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An enclosure for Gen 6 is not nothing new. Even other people have designed cooling systems for "GEN6 electronics" thingiverse.com/thing:12302, but this provides some additional feature.
The air flow is conveyed on the GEN6 heatsinks, and in particular, with two wings (Fig. 3 and 4), concentrated on the heatsink of the extruder motor. This is because it is the most critical, that heat up more.
Even the air outlet holes are more focused on that side to facilitate cooling.
in addition, the part "2" is not limited to lean on the cover, but joins in it.
In addition, the wires are all internally, at the top and are fixed to the output (Figure 6) and this, I like the most.
This project is expected to GEN6 installed with screws from the bottom and four spacers (Fig. 5). This in order to remove the cover with more ease.

This project requires a 40mm fan, four 3mm screws and two 2mm screws (like wood)


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