If you'd like to purchase a kit from me please go to:

This is a MOSFET driver board to enable the control of a cooling fan from a Sanguinololu board using Sprinter firmware. I have included a protection diode and suppressing capacitor which is overkill if you are using a PC/GPU brushless DC motor fan but I wanted to make this drive general purpose for use in other expansion projects and experiments.
I also considered having this made by a PCB maker using SMD's but I would probably need to order a couple of hundred units to make it worth while as its such a small circuit. I think this would be a useful prototyping gadget for Arduino projects as well as 3d printer upgrades as it could be made really small using SMD's, small enough even to tuck inside a cable sleeve. I'd love to have a bunch of these in my tool box as it would save a lot of time faffing with breadboards when you just want to try something quickly. So if anyone else is interested in buying one or two let me know and if enough people show willing I'll advance the project.

I have refined the design of this driver and had some boards made up. It's an SMD design and I've made it as small as possible while still allowing various connector/wiring possibilities. I'm currently making it available as a kit as not everyone has the necessary materials to hand and it can be a pain trying to source one of a particular 0603 resistor.
If you'd like to purchase a kit from me please go to:

If you'd like just a board or a kit with slightly different parts let me know and if enough people ask for a particular packing list I'll make it available. The kit comes with a brief instruction card but I'm compiling more comprehensive instructions. As soon as they are done I'll upload them and some new photos. Meanwhile please check out my listing above.
Buy the way before anyone asks the supplied transistor is an IRLML0030TRPBF.

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