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This is a mount for the 808 keychain camera which weighs very little, and will record until the storage is used (depending on the model)
It can run on USB power (also depending on the model) until it runs out of space, which can be 8 hours of recording on a 32 gig card.

It is best with a flat plastic toothpick, tie-rap, or something rigid though the lanyard hole.

It is just a bit too close to the bed to get a good focus, but if you render it to a lower resolution it shouldn't be blurry.

Look for the ‘ 808 keychain camera ‘ all over ebay.

This is a specific case, the thinner one, not the short round one or the rectangular one with silver buttons.

There are several different models in this housing.
The one shown here is an 808 11 with the no clock and continuous record mod. I have video frames in the image set, the extruder head is the red in the upper left corner.

Version 2 is angled to better center on the extruder head. You will probably have to pry the raft away to clean it up.

The support arm itself can be out of the upright position for better camera centering, shown here is the top most alignment in my configuration. Out some centers better.


I have no connection to this model from ebay I link to.


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