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I've been interested in [Voronoi diagrams](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voronoi_diagram) for a long time: I really like the organic cellular structure they create.
I ran across a set of pluigins for [Maya](http://www.autodesk.com/products/autodesk-maya/overview) called [SOuP](http://www.soup-dev.com/) that allow for the 'shattering' of 3d mesh via a Voronoi algorithm. I set about to writing a [Python](http://python.org/) script I could apply to any volumetric polygonal solid in Maya to apply this shatter, and this vase was the first usable version I came up with: I modeled the smooth "interior" section of the vase first, and then generated a slightly larger version which I 'shattered', and booleaned the two together. It is now a trendy art-piece in my bathroom window. For the pics with the blue-glow, I just dropped a small LED in there .

Note, it is *not* water-tight: Just for fun I filled it with water: There's still some sloshing around now inside the print...

Some other notes and pics over on [my blog](http://www.akeric.com/blog/?p=2089).


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