A case to hold the 6th Generation iPod Nano and Apple earbuds. The earbud holders are oversized so it's able to hold most earbuds that have the silicone grommets on them.

Giving someone a nano as a gift? Print them a case for it too.

The nano is so small that it can be easily lost, trampled on dropped from airplanes etc. This case gives your nano superior protection with a snug fit.

This is a parametric design and can be adjusted to fit different sized earbuds etc.

To print in 2 colors, use the new "Automatic Pause at Z Position" feature, which will allow you to pause during printing at the appropriate point and change filament.

This feature can be found in the new Gen 4 firmware:

This project also uses OpenScad Font: for text on the top, you will need to download this if you wish to personalize the text.

Apple, iPod and Nano are the respective trademarks of Apple.

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