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This is a clock design made from scrap laser-cut wood from a bunch of the Makerbots I had to cut for batch 3 and 4. The good thing about laser-cutting is that even the scrap has a digital design file that can be shared.

I joined the pieces together with small clips I printed on my Makerbot. The clips are actually really great and I'm definitely going to do more with them in the future. They're designed to snap onto 5mm (.25") material and they do a good job of securing it in place.

I could have (and probably should have) printed the clips with the 30 degree angle needed built in to minimize trying to get everything aligned perfectly but I like the flexibility they have now.

TO DO: get a more aesthetically pleasing wall mounting. It looks okay and works well for now but I eventually want to print something to cover up the annoying metal hook on the back of the mechanism.

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