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## Discover the first plate of a new generation of 3D Printable Puzzles!

**The best Christmas/Xmas gift to introduce your friends and relatives to 3D Printing !**

- This 3D Puzzle could be used as an Ice-breaker when you meet people: having fun and cooperating to finish the Puzzle help people to get more comfortable very quickly.

- This 3D Puzzle could also be a nice gift for children who are old enough (not swallowing pieces and having the "3D" mindset). We consider it as a miniature and we advise giving it to children having more than 14 year old for a first try.

**Why is this 3D Printable Puzzle innovative and new?**

It is very difficult to produce these Full 3D pieces with traditionnal ways such as injection molding. Look at some not 3D printed Puzzles and you will notice they cannot have shapes of this complexity.

**Update : to celebrate the 200th download of the first plate, we will release the Second Plate for free!**

[Get the other plates there !](http://3dp-gameuniverse.com)

[Special gift: A 3 Tips Video for the Explorateurs:)](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6quJpjYIi40)

**Voscain, the Adventurer of 3D Printing in Games &Toys**, is proud to introduce you to his first 3D Printable Puzzle of the most famous monument of Paris: *the Eiffel Tower*

Let's Print-Test the *first plate*, to have a taste on this journey ! Please notice that the whole puzzle is composed of *4 plates.*

##Puzzle Gaming Aspects:

- **Difficulty**: easy for Puzzles Fan (3min) / Medium for the others (up to 45minutes);
- **Pieces Insertion** : You will need to use some strengh for some tongues and grooves while others will be much easier to insert;
- This is not a toy;
- Item not suitable for age below 14;

If you want to continue this puzzle adventure, meet some issues while making the Puzzle or have questions, feel free to visit [Voscain's blog](http://voscain.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/after-the-plate-1-how-to-continue-the-story// "Voscain's Forge") to go further!

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