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Have you ever paid over $20 for an Iphone cover and hated to part with your cash. Well I have and I never want my Makerbot love\'n friends to pay another dime. Just download and print and stick it to the Man (Best Buy/Wal-Mart).
This is a Universal Iphone and IPod-Touch holder I designed using Alibre 12.1 and Previously AutoDesk Inventor. Its designed to hold the bulkiest Apple device to the slimmest. If you have a slim Apple product all you need to do is play with the scale settings or 2 to 3 cotton ball behind your device. The cotton also sucks up moisture if ever work out with your phone or Ipod touch like I do.Warning, take your screws out of your build platform used to hold your build surface to your build platform and use double sided tape under the organge plastic build surface instead !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, The best Results are produced with Card Board and double sided tape and PLA Plastic to Prevent Warping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun!!!!!!

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