This is a model of the marine mosasaur Tylosaurus proriger, found in the Western Interior Seaway in North America, and found at lengths of up to 35-40 feet. Stomach contents found associated with Tylosaurus have included fish, sharks, smaller mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and flightless diving birds. Due to so many tylosaurs depicted eating more charismatic plesiosaurs, etc., I went against the grain and depicted a prey item a little less famous, though still interesting; an unspecific species of fish under the genus Pachyrhizodus, which have been discovered at lengths up to three feet.

Media: ZBrush 4R4
Time: ~4-5 hours

Created by Stephanie Dziezyk/"Leccathu" 2/22/2013

Download Tylosaurus proriger capturing Pachyrhizodus - Model 3D Model Files

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