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I actually made this a while ago right after todbot made his but I got lazy and procrastinated. Anyway here it is...

Out of everything I've printed this is definitely the thing I use most often.

I made two versions: a desktop one and a wall mounted one.

The desktop stand is composed of three parts: a square piece of scrap makerbot wood that I painted black on the bottom, a clip that is glued to the base, and the main housing that holds the cable and snaps in and out of the clip.

The wall mounted one is just two parts: the wall mount and the holder of the cable. Again, the holder can snap in and out of the wall mount.

I really like the snap fit and it's functionally perfect. It makes a very satisfying click and holds it really well. The snap clip allows the cable to be adjusted within the enclosure if needed and also adds some portability.

I've found through repeated use that the snap fit slowly loosens and you have to readjust the position of the iPod charger within the housing. HOWEVER... I just added a new part called the ipodstopper which basically just plugs the bottom whole and keeps everything at the right level and totally eliminates this problem! yay!

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