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Remember the last time you went flying with your luggage? You know, the black boxy things that look exactly similar to nearly everyone else's? Off the plane you go, finally glad to have some space only to crowd together with everyone again like a giant brood of starving chickens, just waiting for YOUR luggage to come out the magic portal.

And....there it is! Way over there. Oh, 'scuse me. Pardon. Ouch! Sorry. Ah, don't go back in the portal!! Almost there! Heeeeeaavvee. Wheh, got it!

Oh. :( It's not even yours. Grrr.

Those days are over, friends, thanks to the ingenuity of my glob-trotting coworker, who asked me to print out a big pacman to tie to her bags. Presto! Easily identifiable luggage!!


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