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The Olimyoo are large, four-armed humanoids with tough gray-green skin and pachyderm-like features. Olimyoo in Nexus City are likely escapees from Tartaran enslavement.

Peaceful creatures by nature, the Olimyoo have the distinction of coming from the planet, Pakinare, a world in a distant universe with a 78% compatibility with Earth biology. It is widely assumed that the Children of Tartarus found this world by means of magical scrying while searching for a new home after their separation from the Galactic Neo-Roman Empire.

The language of the Olimyoo is best described as being musical in nature. Olimyoo are incapable of speaking other languages, though may learn and comprehend them.

Olimyoo concepts by Jeremy Larsen, model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD.



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