My first Thingiverse design is a Metroid/Tron mashup for plotting on spheres!

Want to see a 15:1 timelapse of the blue ball being made? Of course you do!

Mostly copied from the video's description:

The style worked very well for learning some new features in Inkscape! Most notably grid-snapping and tiled cloning (tessellations). :)

Design and prototyping was done in one night, with most of the prototype balls only taking a minute or so to plot because they were done as outlines only. The final 2 balls took about 11 minutes each due to the large fills.

The timelapse was taken at 1 photo per second, and played back at 15 fps. Unfortunately, this 15:1 time scale is basically as low as my phone can go while producing a decent movie. :P

BONUS! If you look closely, you can see a small wake behind the pen where the ink is drying!

BONUS! It's ridiculously tempting to even take the current design and plot it onto one of those motorized balls that randomly roll around! I can't seem to find a link to a simple version, but this pool-toy displays the basic idea:

BONUS! I'm friendly! Comments are super-welcome! :D

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