Updated to v1.33 11/8/12 4:13PM EDT. Vane support by JoeyC.
Updated to v1.32 6/9/12 4:13PM EDT. (+v-grooves +flats)
Updated to v1.23 4/23/12 1:52AM EDT. (240 downloads)
Updated to v1.22 4/21/12 6:38PM EDT. (72 downloads)
Updated to v1.21 4/18/12 1:16AM EDT. (187 downloads)
Updated to v1.2 4/17/12 11:56PM EDT.
Updated to v1.1 4/16/12 7:16PM EDT.

This is very highly customizable wheel in the way of an OpenSCAD file with 46 parameters that provides a limitless set of combinations and wheel designs. I affectionately refer to it as "One Wheel To Rule Them All."

It can be wide, narrow, big, little, fat hub, skinny hub, no hub, through-hole, servo arm mounted, chamfered, multi-tire, modeled tread, optical encoder-slotted, and more. It even accommodates stretched o-ring tires. It just can't be square, because my sources tell me that won't roll well. The code is extensively documented, and traces out helpful information about the geometry of the wheel/tire, as well as encoder slot metrics (e.g. each rising edge is 42.42mm/1.67in in travel).

It includes twelve standard tread patterns (all configurable in often surprising ways), eight core spoke patterns (also highly customizable), configurable support for o-rings, bands, and optical encoder timing slots (directional and non-directional), and a lot more. Plus, I’m still adding features as I think of them.

The images show most of the core building blocks, plus just a few random variations. Some of the settings produce unique and creative designs that don't even really match the descriptions. As an example, see the few spiral designs pictured separately.

To put it a different way, the tread and spoke designs are *not* limited to what you see. For example, you can easily stretch the length, width and height of each knob, and their relative positions to create new variations.

This design combines all my previous wheel designs and adds a lot of new features. For an easier-to-read version of the instructions, see my blog at

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