Halloween and 31st October is not a date that ever meant anything to me as a child – never much going on in 60s and 70s Great Britain. However, its popularity has grown and now seems to be on a par with - or even might have overtaken the 5th November in terms of fun for the kids at this time of year. For me – too old for trick or treating but now I have a 3D printer .....
I suppose that this thing is really a derivative rather than something brand new as it is assembled from a grand total of 7 existing Thingiverse things and one of my own design.
The starting point is the pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern from SSW which was produced on my RepRapPro Huxley. SSW’s files were scaled up to 120%: I printed the body and lid with Squeezed Orange PLA from Faberdashery and used their Village Green colour for the stalk. As I wanted to get as much light through it as possible, I took the decision to use settings of two perimeters and an infill figure of 5% for the body. This worked out well and looks extremely realistic when lit from the inside with a battery powered amber flame LED T-Lite:
The outer ring derives from the Gear O’Clock from PrintTo3D (and the VeryWetPaint derivative). This was used to provide suspension points for the things surrounding the pumpkin.
To provide a base for the pumpkin and to hold the gear ring upright, I designed a stand with a slot in it. The top surface of the stand is an ellipse with dimensions to match the base of the pumpkin, (54mm x 57mm). The slot for the Gear O’Clock drive gear, (which was scaled up by a factor of 25 – I am using mm and not inches), is 5.6mm wide. Sticky backed Velcro was used to keep the pumpkin its place but not really needed.
STL files for items fixed to the ring using either fishing line or invisible mending thread were printed out at various sizes.
Ghost in Cyber Yellow by daviddotshaw:
Bats by daviddotshaw:
Spiders by builttospec:
For the spider’s web, I used the SCAD script from the Parametric Spider Web thing by nicholasclewis: This was printed using Faberdashery Glowbug Yellow at a height of 0.8mm. (Four layers using a 0.3mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height).
The two large spiders came from Antona: One was printed at full size and the second at 60%.

Download Halloween - A collection of things 3D Model Files

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