DON'T GET SEDUCED BY THE COOLNESS! Own your own 18 HOLE GOLF COURSE - 3D Printable Of Course. A New Mini Link uploaded EVERY DAY for 18 Days!

"We're Only Making the Greatest Miniature Golf Course In the Whole World, or at least in Danville."

You REALLY Need to look at this Video:

Ironically, as it turns out, I am ACTUALLY printing them IN DANVILLE - Danville, Illinois that is - and I must admit, I have seen both Phineas and Ferb in Danville many times!

Sure your friends thought your 3D printer was COOL - Duh! But, owning your own 18 Hole Golf Course just made it EVEN COOLER!

By Father's Day, I will have loaded up the FIRST 9 HOLES (Done)! Give Dad a 9 HOLE GOLF COURSE this year for Father's Day, skip the tie. Tell you Dad that Beekeeper wishes him the best. By the End of June, ALL 18 Holes will be uploaded! Have Fun!

And it's "with a Windmill, and a Dinosaur, and a...."

After all, GOLF-IN-MINIATURE IS Miniature Golf! Call me a purest, but it is the ONLY MINIATURE GOLF COURSE EVER.

It had to be done.

I have now uploaded Holes 1 thru3 into a Zip File, Holes 4 thru 6 in another file, and Holes 7 thru 9 Into a thrid file. With those three files, you can quickly download THE COMPLETE First 9 Holes with the Score Card, Putters, etc... - YOUR VERY OWN DIGITAL MINI GOLF COURSE. Print them, and you will have your very own 9 Hole Miniature Golf Course!

Stay tuned for Holes 10 thru 18 (and possible 19)!

Eventually, I am going to turn this into a comprehensive Golf-In-Miniature 3D Printing Tutorial.

Download GOLF-IN-MINIATURE : The Desktop 18 Hole Miniature Golf Course 3D Model Files

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