Since I wasn't fast enough to order the official, hand blown glass, TARDIS Xmas Tree ornament from the BBC America shop, I decided to head down to my local hackerspace and make one or two on the laser cutter.

This started off as the "TARDIS Coloring" image by "Violet Succubus" on DeviantArt ( It was the cleanest, nicest, B&W line drawing of the TARDIS from head-on I could find.

There was much fiddling, adding to, filtering and re-drawing by myself and two guys (both named "Matt") at my hackerspace, but many of those lines are still hers and for them I thank her. I don't think it would have come out as nice as it did without such a solid place to start from.

PS - Yes, I know. The windows are wrong. I'll get to it, but until then I'm calling this version done. :D

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