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This is a very quick and VERY dirty model of Darth from the shoulders up. It's probably way too over designed and as such must have hundreds of unused vertices but i'm lazy and probably won't ever try and fix any. Hence it's up here as it is now. My Thing-O-Matic isn't properly calibrated and is using some old ABS stock I had lying around so the prints look average. I'm totally keen to get this printed again once i'm through with my upgrades and can get her all sorted out and on the straight and narrow again.

It was an attempt to try and get a Darth Vader bust similar to the beethoven one but ended up being more of an experiment on how I could print the model with little to no support structure. I tried to print him without separating the helmet and had limited success (see the totally red Darth images). The helmet bottom rim didn't print nicely for a bunch of layers so makes it a bit wobbly looking.

No matter what I do I can't get my ToM to print any support structure so my fabrications always look a little worse for wear on overhangs in images...

The VaderBody.stl really needs some support under the chin, but is otherwise easy to deal with.

VaderHelmet has some in-built support in the design so that you can print it without needing to use other support and hack it out of the inner helmet.

I like to cut away the chin of the VaderBody.stl, after printing with no support as it's a little cthulu-like, and use a lighter about an inch from the model to re-set the ABS and get rid of the white from my trimmings. Again It's not perfect but it works.

So yeah, i've already said it, but it isn't perfect and I welcome others to alter and fix things if they feel the need/desire. Perhaps Darth might be lucky enough to get some more accessories in time too...

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