This customizable thing generates a bowl / vase / cup from a spherical section, with lots of parameters for customization. For some reason it does not always display correctly in the customizer, you may need to rotate the view until the bowl is rendered correctly.

The bowl can be cut with a straight edge or with a pretty curved one.

The bowl looks nicer slightly squashed. In the **Shape** tab, try setting "Vertical Squash Or Stretch" to something like 75% or make it taller like a vase with 200%.

Experiment with different resolutions and the **Advanced** tab for interesting effects.

**Example STL** was built with the following parameters:
Bowl Size: 100
Wall Thickness: 2
Bowl Resolution: 16
Cut Type: 1
Cut Angle: 5
Cut Spin: 45
Pretty Cut Offset: 0
Pretty Cut Resolution: 100
Pretty Cut Radius: 200
Vertical Stretch/Squash: 200%
Horizontal Stretch/Squash: 75%
Depth Stretch/Squash: 100%
Bowl Wall Spin: 15
Bowl Wall Tilt: 15

To Do:

Post a picture if you make something cool with it :-)

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