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I'm starting to get a little ambitious with my 3D printing now that the new Print-O-Matic settings make the printer do beautiful things.

One thing I've kept wanting to try is create large objects by printing it in parts. I haven't really used my printer yet for large prints since in the past I had not been confident in it enough to waste the time and effort if the print was going to fail. But like I've said, I'm starting to get ambitious.

Anyway, off to Google 3D Warehouse again, and I found the perfect item, the Chrysler Building.

After that was done, I loaded it up into Netfabb to use it's slicing feature. I probably should learn how to do this in Blender 3D properly, but Netfabb makes it so easy. Literally drag a scroll bar, hit Cut, then Export. The size of my model ended being about 320mm tall, and knowing my MakerBot can print about 105mm max, I decided to go safe and cut it into 4 pieces, each one about 80mm tall.

Included are the 4 pieces, although the full model is available for you if you want to choose different places to slice.

Go to my blog to see how I sliced and diced at blog.fox-lee.com/?p=66

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