Is that chilled soda too cold to hold?

Are people 'accidentally' mixing up their drinks with yours?

Now you can print a personalized soda can holder! It will help keep your hands warm, your drink cold, and let everyone know which one is yours!

I took my rotational bitmap font extension and applied it to my Parametric Soda Can Holder. This was the primary reason I created the rotational fonts extension ;).

You can customize a single line on the top ring, up to 2 lines on the bottom ring, a clockwise and counterclockwise message on the bottom, and a single line on the side of the handle. All of them are optional, so just set the ones you want.

The messages can be cut, extruded, offset, scaled, etc.

I also tuned the original file a bit by smoothing the cylinders, and adding an option to cut finger grips into the handle. I still plan on trying to smooth out the edges/corners of the handle a bit, but it's perfectly usable as is.

I exported an example, using the name of my favorite Looney Tunes character. It's hard to see in the picture, but the inset/cut letters came out pretty good.

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