With wanting to bike more and track distance, speed, calories etc. and with an upcoming road trip to New York for a wedding, I needed to get cracking on making a cell phone mount. I finally had some time this weekend to design, build and test this simple mount. It can be mounted to a bike or a car and also configured various ways for different applications; horizontal bars or vertical bars.

It's designed to fit the HTC Evo 4G with a Rocketfish case as seen here:

Some other cases may work just fine.

My inspirations:

Thanks guys!

Some features:

-speakers & camera not blocked, so the sound is not muffled
-microphone not blocked, so people can actually hear you
-micro USB port not blocked, so you can charge your phone while mounted
-volume rocker accessible and 3.5mm head phone jack accessible
-easy swapping between clamps and car flex mount
-low parts count! Yay, for anti-rotation designs.

The 3 point contact appears to hold the phone very well. I tested this off some really sweet jumps and my phone never wriggled loose...but test it out first. I did lots of shake tests and then copious amounts of curb jumping.

Download HTC Evo multifunctional mount 3D Model Files

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