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Whenever I get change, I usually end up throwing it into one of my car's cupholders and it never really gets used. It just sits there. So, I decided to design a coin organizer that would fit inside my car's cupholder. It only took me about 15 minutes to design from start to finish. It did take me a while to slice the file and setup the printer settings just right. I used my local hackerspace's (HeatSync Labs) Ultimaker 3D printer. It printed really well and turned into a great piece that looks great and works even better. I am proud to have it in my car and use it to show off the practicality and awesomeness of 3D printing. This is something you can print, use a lot, and that your friends will definitely take notice of. 3D printing is a great emerging technology and I hope that others will print this and help spread the awesomeness of 3D printing.

This car coin organizer can also hold items in the center or it can be used to hold up to seven pens or any combination of pens, coins, and/or other stuff.

Thanks for looking and please comment.


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