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BladeKey is now also available in various sizes milled from aluminium at bladekey.com


An easy to use "Swiss-Army" like organizer for keys!

Tired of your keys being a big sharp ball of metal? Tired of your keys making a bunch of noise as you walk around? The BladeKey key organizer solves those problems by keeping your keys in order. Your keys are held in with a single zip-tie and rotate out like a Swiss-Army knife as shown in the picture.

Relies on thingiverse.com/thing:8812 (Also Included In the Files Below)

I have provided an example STL, but you should generate one to fit your keys.

Free for Personal Use. Patented and Pending. bladekey.com/patents No Unauthorized Commercial Use. Soon available in milled anodized aluminium. More information at bladekey.com


Great video describing how to customize and 3D print your own BladeKey: youtube.com/watch?v=PAX3yav2C5U&feature=youtu.be&a

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