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This is an hexagonally-tessellating lizard tile closely based on M.C. Escher's famous design. This vector art has lived on my old personal homepage, since 2008, at


Recently, Angus Hines (http://angushines.com) downloaded it and used it to lasercut a bunch of ~3" tiles in fluorescent acrylic (which are shown in the attached images), and it occurred to me it was probably time to share these files on Thingiverse.

Update 2011-12-15: Angus just sent me these photos of some lizards printed on FDM/FFF equipment, and I've uploaded them, as well as the .STL and .CDR files he sent along with. Thanks, Angus!

Update 2012-02-28: I've added a version of the vector art with a 1/16" diameter pinhole in the tiling center, which allows the tile to be easily and discretely secured to a wall using a small brad. Details here:


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