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Collect them all!
With video: youtu.be/gFC4IuE2yBc

The "Sexyboy" series of collectable art collector art toys celebrates the world's most prodigious collectors of fine art.

I am producing an extremely limited run of hand-painted, signed originals (for serious inquiries, please contact Barrett White,
[email protected] at christiesprivatesales.com), but I'm sharing the printable .stl files for everyone to enjoy.

The Sexyboy series features:

- Charles Saatchi
- David Geffen
- Eli Broad
- Francois Pinault
- Leon Black
- Leonard Lauder
- Paul Allen
- Steven A. Cohen
- Steve Martin
- Steve Wynn
- Bonus Cubi XXVIII Accessory


"The masterworks of three-dimensional art are joining the digital commons. For art lovers, this technological moment represents a tremendous opportunity." – Bloomberg View, bloom.bg/LIvH9C
Watch "Through a Scanner, Getty" youtube.com/watch?v=blKcIsEEoag
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