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3D printing art is beginning to take the creative world by storm since experts predict that soon, we'll all be the proud owners of our very own 3D printers. Artists and designers have taken a particular interest in this new technology as it offers new techniques for them to work with. 3D printing your own artwork is quickly becoming the next creative medium that artists are exploring. With such a new methodological approach, artists can express themselves in hither-to unimaginable ways - creating unique pieces or replicas of previous work and 3D printing art from every artwork is imaginable.

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3D Printing Art for Art's Sake

The benefits for artists are numerous and extremely exciting since 3D printing art offers previously unexplored possibilities. From design to realization, the artist has full control of their piece allowing them to produce it in a number of different materials (including plastic, paper and ceramics) and in a range of different colors and textures. From non-traditional sculpture to new forms of "painting', artists now have a new toolbox of powerful digital tools at their disposal that enables them enjoy 3D printing art to the full. In addition to this, almost any regular consumer can get involved in 3D printing art by creating their own unique pieces or even copying a famous piece such as Michelangelo's David.

All artists have exacting standards and a meticulous attention to detail and so a 3D printer should provide the reliability and high quality result they demand. Anyone interested in 3D printing art should ensure they purchase a machine that provides only the best. This is especially true for the fine detailing associated with artistic pieces.

A whole new world has opened up for artists and designers looking to become involved with 3D printing. Perhaps you'll become a new, 3D printed Picasso.

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